Environmental Division

The CYS Environmental Division consists of two related branches, Environmental Services and Petroleum Services. Most personnel working in the Environmental Division have expertise in both environmental and petroleum services, and the division manager is highly qualified in both fields.

CYS began offering environmental services in 1996. In May 1997 CYS was awarded a five year Compliance Services Contract from the United States Army, Alaska (USARAK) for Fort Richardson, Fort Wainwright and Fort Greely, Alaska.  CYS assembled a core group of skilled environmental professionals to manage and operate this RCRA contract, which allowed CYS in 1999 to be awarded an Alaska Railroad Corporation Hazardous Waste Management contract. CYS is still directly involved in the USARAK RCRA contract through a joint venture that allows us to continue offering the Army and others valuable RCRA services. 
EnviroCYS is proud of the fact that neither the company nor any CYS employees have any of Notices of Violation (NOV) from any agency or governing organization. In the current, highly competitive marketplace CYS is committed to keeping our reputation intact.
CYS has continued adding expertise in other environmental fields and has grown to include highly skilled personnel with diverse backgrounds and expertise.
CYS can help meet your environmental services needs in the following areas:

  • RCRA services and regulatory compliance;
  • Waste handling and disposal;
  • All phases of environmental site assessments;
  • Release investigations;
  • Corrective action plans;
  • Contaminant transport and fate modeling;
  • Remedial system design, installation, and operation;
  • Risk-based clean-up determinations;
  • Ground water source investigations and modeling;
  • Facility compliance planning and environmental permitting. 

Due to the changing needs of our customers, CYS is constantly evolving to provide quality solutions in a cost effective and professional manner. If you need a solution to your environmental problem, CYS is your answer.
PetroCYS began offering petroleum services in 2002 when they were awarded a four year Inspection Maintenance and Repair Contract from the United States Air Force for Elmendorf Air Force Base (EAFB), Anchorage, Alaska. The contract included all regulated underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, oil water separators, oil burners, grease traps, and chemical proportioning pumps located on EAFB. As with other services offered by CYS, a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals from the petroleum field were assembled to manage and operate this contract. Our petroleum services capability has continued to grow with additional contracts primarily with military organizations. CYS is currently completing the second year of preventive maintenance inspections for the automatic tank gauging systems for defense fuel storage systems.  In 2006 CYS has been contracted to complete inspections of the bulk fuel storage for all military bases throughout Alaska.

The CYS petroleum services staff works aggressively to stay trained and certified on the many petroleum systems we work on. You can be assured that CYS petroleum service personnel will be technically proficient and understand your fueling systems.  Equipment in the petroleum industry is diverse and highly specialized. If CYS is not familiar with or certified on a fueling system you have, we network with other Alaska companies that are. For the highly regulated underground storage tank (UST) industry, CYS personnel are certified by the State of Alaska Department of environmental Conservation (ADEC) for installation, decommissioning, cathodic protection system testing, and inspection. CYS can also provide you design of fueling systems utilizing personnel that have been working in the petroleum industry since 1982. CYS can assist you with your petroleum system needs in the following areas:

  • UST decommissioning (closures);
  • UST and AST system installations, repairs, and maintenance;
  • Fueling systems calibration, testing, and inspection;
  • Fueling system planning and design;
  • Cathodic protection system design, installation, and testing;
  • Facility response and spill prevention plan writing and review;
  • Oil water separator system design, installation, repair; and maintenance; and
  • Used oil burner systems design, installation, repair; and maintenance.